Cornelius Service School

Cornelius school TruTemp

On August 23–25 TruTemp hosted a Cornelius Service School for service technicians. Cornelius expert, Robert Wells, presented information on the Viper Frozen Dispenser. Mr. Wells is the Regional Operations Manager for Cornelius and has many years of experience ranging from engineering lab testing, and field/classroom training to service technician work. He discussed all technical points, programming, operation and troubleshooting along with installation from start to finish.

The Cornelius Viper Elite is especially popular in CircleK stores and other convenience stores. Repair and maintenance has to be efficient and fast in the convenience store business so it was important to Cornelius that the techs had actual hands-on experience. TruTemp arranged for the Viper to be fully installed in-house on the first day of class in-house so the techs could see the process first-hand. They could follow Mr. Wells through every aspect of programming, troubleshooting, operation and everything in between.

TruTemp’s Inside Sales Director, Lori Nichols, who coordinated the Service School, said there was positive feedback from the techs after attending the class. “They are more comfortable and confident now with servicing and maintenance of the Viper. Rob did a great job at relaying important information they need to know…it was a success for everyone.”

TruTemp Cornelius service school techs - Viper
Service school technicians get hands-on instructions for the Cornelius Viper 4-barrel unit
TruTemp Cornelius service school - Robert Wells
Robert Wells, Cornelius Regional Operation Manager, with Lori Nichols, TruTemp Inside Sales Director