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Contact the TruTemp Team with questions about parts, products, sales or just say hello. They are experienced and knowledgeable about the manufacturers’ lines of equipment and parts. Do you need a quote or some advice on what equipment is best for your business? Maybe you have a warranty question or you need to know if we stock a certain part?  The TruTemp Equipment Team is here for you!

Bob Benser TruTemp
Bob Benser
General Manager


Lori Nichols TruTemp Equipment, Director Inside Sales
Lori Nichols
Equipment Specialist
eric mahler trutemp sales
Eric Mahler
Equipment Specialist
Curtis Laster,TruTemp, Parts /Equipment Specialist Outside Sales/Parts
Curtis Laster
Parts/Equipment Spec.
Shea McGillicuddy TruTemp, Parts Specialist
Shea McGillicuddy
Parts Specialist
Jordan Hart
Parts Specialist
Jose Menjivar
Parts Specialist

Warehouse / Shipping

Jordan weatherly_TruTemp warehouse
Jordan Weatherly
Warehouse Specialist
David Diaz
Warehouse Specialist


Angela Jenkins
Office Manager
Crystal Cole
Accounts Payable
Kelli Heatherson
Accounts Receivable


Local: 602-269-1001
Toll Free: 888-777-4ICE (4423)
Fax: 602-269-7686

Name Title Phone Email
Bob Benser General Manager 602-269-1001 ext. 105 bbenser@trutempinc.com
Lori Nichols Equipment Sales 602-269-1001 ext. 101 lnichols@trutempinc.com
Curtis Laster Equipment Sales 602-269-1001 ext. 102 curtis@trutempinc.com
Eric Mahler Equipment Sales 602-269-1001 ext. 111 eric@trutempinc.com
Shea McGillicuddy Parts Manager 602-269-1001 ext. 112 shea@trutempinc.com
David Patterson Parts / Warranty Info 602-269-1001 ext. 110 david@trutempinc.com
Jose Menjivar Parts Sales 602-269-1001 ext. 103 jose@trutempinc.com
Jordan Hart Parts Sales 602-269-1001 ext. 100 jhart@trutempinc.com
Jordan Weatherly Warehouse 602-269-1001 ext. 109 warehouse@trutempinc.com
David Diaz Warehouse 602-269-1001 ext. 109 warehouse@trutempinc.com
Angela Jenkins Office Manager 602-269-1001 ext. 115 ajenkins@trutempinc.com
Kelli Heatherson Accounts Receivable 602-269-1001 ext. 113 kelli@trutempinc.com
Crystal Cole Accounts Payable 602-269-1001 ext. 107 crystal@trutempinc.com